Historic Boston Harbor Cruise

Hubby and I have been trying to soak in as much of Boston as we can recently. He’s been traveling a LOT – as in he’s gone two out of every three weeks – and it’s going to continue for a few more months. So when he is in town, we’ve been living it up in the city we love.

We spent some time at Rings Fountain before the cruise

A few weeks ago I got an email from an account manager for Boston Harbor Cruises. They were offering me two free tickets to review one of their cruises. I thought this would be a perfect event to do with Hubby on one of the weekends he was in town.

Heading out of Boston Harbor

This past Saturday, we headed in to Boston to check out a Historic Boston Harbor Cruise. The weather was beautiful and it looked like the perfect day to be out on the water.

Castle Island

Getting tickets was simple. We just walked over to the ticket booth, which is located right on Long Wharf, across from the Legal Sea Foods, and got our tickets about an hour before the cruise. Since it’s pretty late in the summer, our cruise wasn’t super packed. I’m sure on a warm day in July, it sells out though. If you’re going then, I’d recommend ordering tickets online so you don’t have to wait in a line or risk it being sold out.

Fog rolling in

We were able to secure a couple seats on the top deck near the railing. There was a gentle breeze blowing while we were still parked at Long Wharf. Once we got out to sea, the breeze picked up, the temperature dropped, and I was glad I had brought a scarf along for the trip!

USS Constitution and Battle of Bunker Hill Monument

As I mentioned, we left out of Long Wharf. The cruise led through the harbor, by the seaport district, and out to the Boston Harbor Islands. Our tour guide had all sorts of interesting information to share about the history of Boston and it’s harbor. Once we got out to the last island, the ship started to turn around to make our way back towards Boston.

My favorite bridge in Boston – The Zakim

That was when the fog rolled in for us. It was really thick and all of a sudden. On our return trip, we went by Logan International Airport. It was so foggy you couldn’t see the airport, but at one time a large plane flew right over our boat on their landing. It was crazy to hear that a plane was so close without being able to see it!

Looking out into the harbor

After we passed the airport, the fog started to clear as we headed towards East Boston and Charlestown. Then we headed back in to Long Wharf to park and deboard. Hubby and I both learned a lot on this 90-minute cruise and had a lot of fun. It’s definitely a great option whether you’re just visiting or live in Boston.

Flag on our boat

Here’s a piece of insider advice for you. If you do the historic sightseeing cruise, sit on the right side of the ship when you’re pulling out of Long Wharf. All the sites are on the right side the whole time. So you’ll get to see more of what the narrator is talking about.

Long Wharf

Boston Harbor Cruises also does ferries to Provincetown, brunch cruises on the weekends, sunset cruises, and a ferry up to Salem, MA. I’m planning to go up to Salem in October for some of the Halloween festivities and taking a ferry sounds like such a fun way to get there!

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