Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have another question you’d like to see here, email me or leave a comment here.

More FAQ to come soon!

What kind of flour do you use?
If I haven’t specified something different in the recipe, all-purpose flour.

How many oz/grams/Tbsp are in a stick of butter?
One stick of butter = 8 Tbsp = 4 oz = 1/4 lb = 113g

What size eggs do you use?
If I haven’t specified something different in the recipe, large eggs.

Where do you get your cupcake liners?
I order the majority of my cupcake liners online. I get the solid colored ones from Confectionary House. I like the variety pack and these brown liners. I also get the new Reynolds StayBrite cupcake liners at the grocery store.

Where did you get your cupcake carrier?
I use a Snapware double-decker cupcake carrier. It’s AMAZING. You can use just one layer or both depending on how many treats you have. And the little tray has spots for cupcakes on one side and is flat for transporting cookies or brownies on the other side. You can get the carrier on Amazon.

What do you use for the background of your photos?
I use 12×12 pieces of scrapbooking paper for my backgrounds. I have a big stack of a variety of colors and patterns. I also use my black dining room table or my granate counter tops as the background in my photos.

What kind of camera/lens do you use?
I have a Nikon D40 and a 35mm f/1.8G lens. I use this lens for everything from my food photographs, to travel and everything in between. I basically haven’t taken it off the D40 since I got the lens two years ago.

Where do you get your business cards?
I get my business cards from Moo.com. I have used them for post cards (for invitations), stickers, as well as my business cards and I love the quality of their products. I even wrote a post about them here.