Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30-While-30 Two Month Update

Today is my monthly update on how I'm doing with my 30-while-30 list. I made a decent amount of progress this month, so that's exciting. The food related tasks are the ones I haven't really been focusing on. I'm sure I'll get to them though!

Food / Blogging
  • Chocolate Mosaic Cheesecake
  • Gnocchi
  • Donuts
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Laminated dough (either danishes or croissants)
  • Make bread at least 4 times
  • Bake at least 4 layer cakes
  • Buy a whole coconut. Open it. Do something (delicious) with it.
  • Make at least one thing from each cookbook I own - any cookbooks that don't get used in a year, donate or giveaway on here - I started making my list of cookbooks. I plan to post it on here shortly.
  • Cook with 3 new foods - Being part of a CSA this summer has been AMAZING. I've definitely already cooked with 3 new foods, including this Summer Shrimp Salad.
  • Send birthday cards to my and Hubby's families (including siblings, parents, nephews, etc)
  • Continue to bake for a good cause
  • Go see my sister's new house
  • Go on a girls weekend getaway - Done! I spent a weekend in St Louis with my mom and two sisters in July. It was a great time.
  • Volunteer 4 times
  • Get another tattoo
  • Pay off my car - Done! Hubby sent in the final check a couple weeks ago!!!!
  • Decide on a signature / go-to cocktail
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Read 4 books - I know this may not seem like a lot because some people read more like 50 books a year, but I honestly never read... So far, I've already read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Water for Elephants.
Healthy living
  • Walk another Avon Walk for Breast Cancer - I've signed up to talk in NYC this October - I need to get on track with training more!
  • Continue to work out on a regular basis - I've actually been doing a really good job about working out this month. I've been averaging 3x/week!
  • Treat myself to 6 massages - one down, 5 to go
  • Get my first facial
Travel and Life in Boston
  • Go to the Head of the Charles
  • Visit the New England Aquarium
  • See the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Go to Top of the Hub for cocktails
  • Visit 3 new cities - 1: St Louis
Reader's Choice
  • Post more how-to tips (including videos) on here (thanks to Mary and Sarah for the suggestion!)

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Christina @ This Woman Cooks! said...

I love your list. Very inspiring to get on the ball with things I've been meaning to do or keep putting off.

Louise said...

For the Chocolate Mosaic Cheesecake, I'd use the recipe from Susan Purdy's "A Piece of Cake" but the BAKED brownie. It's fantastic and very easy.


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