Friday, September 19, 2008

I need help...

Clara over at I [heart] cuppycakes has inspired me to enter a photo into Does My Blog Look Good in This. It's a great event that highlights food photography. Since the photo has to come from a blog post in the previous month, I only have a few choices. These are my favorite 3 from last month. Please let me know which one you think I should submit. Thanks for the help.

Bacon Wrapped Dates:

Watermellon Cupcake:



Elizabeth said...

This post made me seriously hungry! I clearly need a midafternoon snack of bacon-wrapped dates!

But I still vote for the watermelon cupcakes. Beautiful!

ttfn300 said...

the watermelon cupcake :)

CB said...

w00t! You should totally enter! I am partial to the cupcake. I think you probably know that right? ;) GL to us!

kim said...

the watermelon cupcake really stands out for me... very cute :)


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