It’s time for Pie!

As I mentioned yesterday, I signed up to sell pies for Pie in the Sky.

If you would like to order a pie from me, simply go to to place your order!

As a reminder, for $25 you will get a delicious pie and you will have paid to feed one person for an entire week! How cool is that?!?

Let me know if you have questions, or check out the FAQ at And, if you want to learn about how this fundraiser is a success, check out the Pie in the Sky 101. Here’s the short version:

Step One
– Over 150 Bakers throughout Greater Boston bake and donate thousands of apple, pecan, pumpkin and sweet potato pies.
– Over 500 Pie Sellers take orders from their family, friends and coworkers in the weeks before Thanksgiving.

Step Two
– 75 volunteers gather at the Greater Boston Food Bank for our annual “Box Party” to label 13,000 pie boxes in just 3 hours.

Step Three
– Volunteers pick up the donated pies from pie bakers across the Greater Boston area and deliver them to “Pie Central”

Step Four
– Pies are then shipped to over 50 public distribution points in Boston and the surrounding suburbs.

Step Five
– Pie Buyers enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations.

Don’t forget about my Power of Pink Challenge – make something PINK by the end of the month to raise Breast Cancer Awareness!

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