Avon Walk Weekly Update

Hubby and I are going to be up in Maine skiing all weekend, so I’m going to do my weekly checkin for my Avon Walk early this week. I’m not sure when we’ll be back on Sunday and I didn’t want to miss this update. If you’d like to see my full training calendar, check it out here or on the left sidebar of my blog.

Thoughts on training: Yet another week with no training. I’m not letting it stress me out since I have until July, but I do hope that I start feeling better soon so I can get back to the gym. As I mentioned, we’ll be in Maine for a ski trip, so I’ll be getting some exercise this weekend.

Thoughts on fundraising: This has been another great week for fundraising! I crossed the minimum fundraising requirement of $1,800 this week! That is a very exciting milestone. Thanks again to everyone who has already donated. And remember to submit for a matching gift if your employer does that.

Miles walked last week: 0
Minutes doing cardio: 0
Minutes doing cross training or weight lifting: 0, but I will be skiing this weekend
Total $$ raised: $1,915

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! If you’d like to donate to support my walk, you can make a donation on my Avon Walk page.

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