Superbowl Snack Throwdown – Playoffs Week 3

I’m a day early this week for my judging, but that’s because I have a busy day tomorrow. Including watching the Colts and Saints win (hopefully)! Although if they both win, I’m not sure who I’ll root for in the SuperBowl. Drew Brees is my man since he went to Purdue and was our QB while I was there for a few years. But I grew up in Indiana and love Peyton as well. We’ll find out tomorrow if I have this extreme delima of who to root for in the big game.

It’s time to review Highlowaha’s Super Bowl Snack Throwdown recipes from Kate and Lauren. This week’s secret ingredient is Keilbasa! As a reminder, recipes are to be judged on the following criterion: Creative use of the ingredient, most likely to be eaten first, best photograph, and reproducibility. So now, on to the recipes (be sure to click through to check out the entire recipes).

Kate made Inside Pocket Sandwiches.

Lauren made Super Easy Keilbasa Bites.

I’m going to start with ease of reproducing. Lauren definitely scores big in this category. It doesn’t get much easier than throwing two ingredients in a pan and letting them simmer for an hour. Love it.

When it comes to creative use of the secret ingredient, both of these recipes are pretty standard. I’m going to go with Kate because her dressed up pigs in a blanket with mustard bar are pretty creative.

Next comes the photographs. I have to admit both look pretty appetizing. But I have to give it to Lauren. I love the creative take on photographing her little kielbasa bites. The shot from above is great.

Last but not least is most likely to be eaten first. This is a tough one, as usual. Both recipes are bite sized and include a toothpick for easy snacking. I’m going to have call this category a tie because I really don’t know which of these would go first.

Congratulations Lauren! I can’t wait to see what you and Kate come up with next week!!

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    stephchows — October 5, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    great job to both of the recipes! They sound delicious!

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    nutmegnanny — October 8, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Wow a sweet potato hummus sounds awesome!

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