Monday, August 3, 2009

It's almost my 2nd blogiversary GIVEAWAY! Part 1

You know those people who absolutely love their birthdays? They plan extravegant parties every year and try to live it up the entire month of their birthday? Well I'm going to be like that for my blogiversary. And to celebrate, I'm going to give back to you - my readers!

This blog started as a way to document recipes for myself and has turned into a full-on hobby. I really enjoy all the cooking/baking, photography, and writing associated with this blog. I've "met" so many cool people through food blogging and it has become a huge part of who I am. So Thank you for eating my baked goods! And thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my blog.

As I mentioned, I'm going to celebrate all month long. My 2nd blogiversary is coming up on Friday August 28th, so I'm going to have 2 giveaways, each lasting 2 weeks long and having 2 winners, with an option to get up to 2 entries per person. I'm sorry to say, these giveaways are for US mailing addresses only (sorry international readers).

The theme for my giveaways is "A Few of my Favorite Things" (try reading that and not singing the song from Sound of Music). So what am I giving away? First, I'm giving away some eco-friendly treats. Hubby and I do what we can to have a "green" household. We have reusable grocery totes and bags, carry our BPA-free water bottles everywhere, only have one car, recycle, use energy efficient lightbulbs, and try to take public transportation whenever we can.

Two lucky readers will win an item from Bright and Bold. They carry Envirosax, SIGG water bottles, Built reusable Lunch bags and a bunch of other cool stuff. I have been eyeing this reusable lunch bag for quite some time... In fact, I'll be ordering this beauty when I order the winner's choices.

I will be giving away one item from the Eco Bottles collection, and one item from the Eco Lunch collection (excluding the laptop bag) of the winner's choice. Winners will be announced on August 14th.

Here's how you enter - leave a comment by midnight on August 13th with the following information:
- One way that you lead a "green" life
- Which item you would like if you win (either an Eco Bottles or an Eco Lunch item, excluding the laptop bag)
- A way for me to get ahold of you (email address is fine)
- Only one entry per person
- Sorry, no international entries

And, if you'd like to have a second chance to win, that is simple too.
- If you have a food blog: create and blog about something from my blog. New blog entries only and please link back to this page (you can even take the giveaway logo if you want). Then leave another comment here linking back to your blog post.
- If you don't have a food blog: create something from my blog and shoot me an email with a pic and your thoughts on the dish

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Jess said...

yay one year of fabulous things in the kitchen!! We are green by using green bags and recycling. My work is also VERY green, in about every way imaginable!! i pick the french bull vine lunch bag as a great way to be green! Congratulations again!!

Amy said...

We are trying to be greener by using our own grocery bags but we forget them at home sometimes. Our newest green adventure is worm composting! our worms arrive this week and we look forward to reducing our garbage output!

I would love the Built Extra Relish Insulating Lunch Bag, the shoulder strap is handy!
Thanks for the giveaway.

dsp1842 said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! DH and I bring canvas totes with us when we go grocery shopping, and our county has a fantastic recycling program which we participate in.

I also love the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag (micro dot). My current lunch bag for work is ghetto, so this would be a serious upgrade!

-evitawylie at hotmail dot com

Jenn said...

We are actually very green in my home. We recycle, compost, and use all natural cleaning products, and eat organic as much as possible. I'm very big into using reusable bags for stores. My husband thinks I'm crazy half the time but I do as much as I can to make sure my impact on the environment is as small as it can be.

lilhousewifecooks said...

we are just starting to try to convert into a green household. so far though, we only use the green grocery bags, no more plastic or paper ones for us....ive always switched most of my cleaning products so that im just using water and vinegar...

I love the Earthlust feather bottle! :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

EJacks said...

Yay! I try to be green by using reusable shopping bags. I'm working on other ways as well.

I also love the Extra Built Lunch Bag, microdot.

Erin said...

Cool Giveaway! I love those lunch totes, and have been wanting one. So that's what I would choose.

I try to be as green as I can. I use reusable totes at the grocery. Also, despite my TINY apartment, I collect all my glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper/cardboard recycling. Then I lug it all to a recycling center. (NOT the kind that pays you for your items either). And I'm a big stickler for turning the lights out (even though I use the energy efficient bulbs), and I keep the tv off as often as I can. For a while I even rode my bike to work, but it no longer works now that I work a night shift.

If I win (though I never do) you can reach me at erinsfoodfiles at gmail dot com. :D

thecookingnurse said...

We are using linen napkins instead of paper, we use reusable grocery bags, and we no longer use bottled water! Great giveaway! I would love to have one of the lunch bags, mine is getting worn out!

Sara Lang said...

- I bring my lunch almost every day in reusable containers, and use a reusable mug when I go to coffee shops.
- Eco Lunch

jenncuisine said...

We are currently cleaning/packing to move, and won't throw anything usable away - we are trying to sell everything usable to 2nd hand stores or donate them - it pains me so much when I see people throwing perfectly good furniture away in the dumpster!

I love the SIGG bottles! I pick the Swiss Quality design!

(Email in about page of my blog)

Amy said...

I love Sigg bottles...and we like to recycle as well. :) Great giveaway and happy blogiversary!

Shawna said...

Oooo...I love this Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag Micro Dot! We are trying to be green too, we use reusable Chico Bags for groceries and shopping, Sigg water bottles, recycle, etc.. Happy blogaversary!!!! Here's to many more delicious meals!

Cathy said...

congratulations on your blogiversary! I go green by using reusable bags at the grocery store. I also use tins to bring in goodies to work (instead of disposable plates).

I would be interested in the lunch bag.

Laura said...

I carry my envirosac with me almost all the time and use it for pretty much everything - groceries, stuff from cvs, the farmer's market, library books, etc.

If I win I'd like the dot 7 lunch bag.

You can reach me at 46laura at gmail dot com

Mrs. G said...

I use reusable grocery bags, reuse cups and utensils at work instead of continuing to throw away plastic, and buying local in season produce.

I like the Mystery Noir bottle.

Tiff said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! We try to be green by limiting consumption on our heat & air conditioning, by recycling, and reusing bags or bringing our own bags to the store

Molly Jean said...


We try to be green by always recycling, using resuable grocery bags, and purchasing items with minimal packaging (when applicable).

I would LOVE that lunch tote. What a great giveaway!

Lauren said...

We are green by recycling, keeping our a/c at a reasonable temp, and using vinegar to clean as much possible. I would love to win one of the Eco Bottles prizes. My email is Thank you!

oneordinaryday said...

We've been working hard at greening up our home/family since January. School lunches were a big thing and now we're totally green there too. Yea, us! Getting my mitts on one of those cool lunch bags would be perfect.
Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on your blog-versary!

Liz said...

I love your blog congrats on the blogiversary! I use my envirosaks for grocery shopping, and at work we receycle paper!, I would love to get the insulated lunch bag in french bull vine, I will probable get it if I don't win!! Thanks
flurries at

Heather Siani said...

We recycle, bring our own bags to the store, and have been switching our light bulbs over to CFL. I love the multidot lunch bag. I have been coveting insulated lunch bags like these for quite some time now. :)

ShoeFanatic614 said...

Great giveaway! We are slowly but surely becoming a greener household. I started making my own household cleaner and I plan to make our own baby food when the time comes.

I think the Insulated Bottle Slingers are too cute! My email is shoefanatic614 at gmail dot com

And now I'm off to find something to make off of your blog!

gaga said...

What a wonderful giveaway. We compost everything that we can and use reusable grocery bags, cfl lights, try to bike instead of drive for short trips...

Happy Blogiversary!

Nicole said...

Hi!! Congratulations on the anniversary. I try to be green by using a Sigg water bottle for my daily water consumption. Since I already have a Sigg bottle, I would love the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag (Micro Dot). Basically the one pictured on your blog. Big and cute. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway offer!!

YogaGracie said...

I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): I purchased a share in the springtime, and now I receive a basket of seasonal produce each week at the farmer's market. I would love to win the Safe Sippy Bottle for my neice. She turns one next month- yay for one year celebrations!

My e-mail is on my website:

Thanks for spreading the green love!

biz319 said...

Happy almost birthday! I am the type that celebrates all month long, so March is usually a blur for me!

I just made your goat cheese/almond/bacon thingys for my picnic tonight!

I would love the eco bottles, I already love my lunch bag.

And I definitely try to use recycled bags at the grocery store - I forget a lot though!

Toby said...

Congrats!!! YAY!! One way I am "green" is that we use Sigg bottles all the time. We love them. I would love the Lunch Bag.. that is awesome!! gty46 at hotmail dot com

becca said...

There's no recycling at the apartment building I live in (the landlord doesn't have a separate recycling bin for the tenants to use), so I hoard all of my recyclables (papers, plastics, glass) and set it out with the neighboring business's recycling on trash day.

stefanielynn04 said...

Congrats! What a great blog giveaway! One way that we are going "green" is by recycling. We have also pitched in with our friends next door to make sure that everything is being recycled! I would love to receive the Built NY Lunch bag! My email addy is stefaniehunn (at) gmail (dot) com.

ashley said...

happy blogiversary!We use cancas totes when we grocery shop, use naturl cleaning products & recycle.i love the french bull vine lunch bag!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! We try to be as green as we can. We use canvas tote bags when we grocery shop, we ride our bikes to the farmers market, and we have replaced all of the light bulbs in our house with cfl bulbs! If I won, I would pick the French Bull Vine lunch bag.

Suno said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Not only are we taking our re-usable bags to the grocers, buying organic and banning disposable items from out lives, I've also become more conscious of
my dish washing habits.

I'm being careful to remember to recycle my gray water! We use biodegradable dish soap and when I rinse my dishes I make sure the water falls into a large bowl. I later use it to water my plants, trees, etc.

Learn more about gray water to save some money on your water bill, and save the planet, too!

-NCampos2005 at yahoo dot com

P.S. The bull vine lunch bag is the cutest!

ttfn300 said...

happy blogiversary! so many goodies, i'm sure you have many more in store!!

those lunch bags look awesome :)

mrsdanigirl8 said...

Happy Blogiversary!

We've done lots of things to go green around our house lately. No more plastic bags, we bring our own. We cloth diaper and line dry. We use stainless steel reusable bottles for water. And we're starting up a garden to name a few things.

I'd definitely be interested in the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag Black. So cute!

Michael said...

Jen, congrats on outstanding work on your blog. I do not want either of your gifts, just send cupcakes. Brooke made some great cupcakes last weekend. If you get to Illinois, I could show you the work that I am doing in sustainable landscaping. By properly selecting the right plants, you have less mowing, use less water, less fertilizer and less pesticides.


Nina said...

I love your blog! Congrats on two years! I recycle everything I can. I am also a stickler for turning off lights and electronics when not needed.

If I win I would like the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag (micro dot). It is so cute!

I want to make something from your blog too. The creme brulee cupcakes look delish!

CB said...

Happy 2 year blogiversary!! It's so cliche but... time flies when you're having fun! While I'm not the "greenest" person, you know those notes in hotel bathrooms where you can use the towels more than once to conserve energy by reducing laundry? Yup! That's me. I'm a towel reuser. Oh and I try to recycle my soda cans and water bottles whenever possible. It's a start right? :) I'd love to win the lunchbag. I hope I win!

TZel said...

We recycle paper and all bottles with a deposit, plus no longer buy bottled water. I would love to have an Insulated Tote for our stainless steel bottles! Thanks!

Alexandra said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I love your blog -- the recipes you post are great and so are you!

I currently have a very unfashionable little tote which holds nothing so I would love the Insulated Lunch tote -- it's part of my green living. I bring lunch every day in plastic containers and have been skipping out on using plastic bags! I also recycle and use refillable water bottles instead of buying them!

It's cheap and good for the environment ;)

clstar said...

What a fun giveaway! I love my reusable grocery and canvas bags. I love the Multidot lunch bag. So cute!

Trisha said...

Happy Blogiversary! We are doing our part for the enviroment by using canvas bags for groceries, reusing water bottles, recycling. I like the Gourmet Getaway Insulated Lunch Bag Nolita Stripe lunchbag. Thanks for the giveaway! I LOVE the Harry Potter cupcakes! paislie98 at hotmail dot com

Rachel said...

One green thing I do is bring reusable bags when I'm out grocery or clothes shopping. I can actually carry more in my bag than the plastic bags they give out at the store.
I would LOVE the gourmet insulated lunch bag with the rainbow flowers.

akdilcher said...

Love the microdot lunch bag!
Just found your great blog a few weeks ago, searching for pulled bbq pork. Thanks!
We bike as much as possible or if the snow is too deep take the bus to work. Also we put in suntubes in some dark spaces in the house to cut down on light usage.

Samantha said...

We take canvas grocery bags to the grocery store, and I recycle everything!

I would love the Built Gourmet Getaway Insulated Lunch Bag

Domestic Princess said...

Great giveaway! We use a Brita Filter instead of buying bottled water. I would love the Eco Bottle in Purple Blossom. My email address is

Crystal said...

I use reusable shopping bags, and when I don't and end up with plastic bags, I recycle them. I bring them to the library. They can always use them. I plan on starting a compost bin in the fall.

I've been wanting a SIGG water bottle, so I would like an Eco Bottle if I win.

bewa3u1 said...

Happy 2 year! i try to be green by not drinking from bottled water, but the water fountain and using a plastic cup. i also reuse cups when i go to the gas station to get a soda. I actually would want the exact lunch bag that you are going to get if i were to win! :)

Jim &Tammy, Meghan and Maddy said...


I am very excited!

One way I lead a green life is that I take my own bags to the grocery store to save paper as well as plastic bags.

I would like to win the eco bottle...I love the lunch bag too!

My email is

Love your blog.


Jingle said...

Happy Blogiversary! I just posted about mine today!!!!

We use reusable grocery bags and we have cut a lot of the unnecessary energy use from our day to day, too!

I would choose the 'fly by night' snack bags! We could really use some of those!

Kim said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I do lots of things to help the environment, one being using reusable bags. And if we do get a plastic bag from somewhere it becomes a trash liner. We also use cloth napkins at every meal - makes us feel a little fancy! We recycle like madmen anything and everything. I run a business so anything that comes through the mail ends up being sent in someone to my clients. Rarely is something thrown away if it can find a home somewhere else.

Love the French Bull Vine although the Dot No. 7 would match my insulated bottle tote. :)

My email address is

nutmegnanny said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

I have been trying to live a greener life for some time now. I use reusable bags at the store and metal water bottles. I would be interested in winning the eco bottles....:)

Carrie said...

One way we are green is we will be using cloth diapers for our child.

I would go for the lunch bag, I love it!

smilee1079 said...

I use reusable bags for grocery shopping and I recycle everything. I am looking into making my own reusable snack bags too.

I'd like the eco lunch bag!


McWalker said...

well, we carpool downtown to work. we recycle like crazy. we have energy efficient in all of our lights (waiting to replace some until they burn out). biodegradable doggie poopie bags. pur water pitcher. trying to grow veggies & herbs although the squirels keep getting to them before we can! eat organic produce. i use real forks when i take my lunch to work. i dig your blog. and the sigg water bottle. happy blogiversary. :)

Melissa said...

Happy Blogiversary!! DH and I recycle all of our paper, plastic and glass, sorting in separate bins and leave it our to be picked up by the town every other week!
I have tried to start using resuable grocery bags, but I have been bad about forgetting them.

I have been wanting to get a reusable lunch bag for a year or so now......just have not got around to it. So that is what I would love if I win....Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag Micro Dot.

Congrats on 2 years!

Nicole said...

Hi again - I just posted one of your recipes on my blog Eggplant chips. I still would love to win the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag (Micro Dot).
*Congrats again on your blogiversary!!*

Kelly said...

We buy all of our produce that we can locally grown, we use re-useable sacks at the store, we recycle, we collect water to water plants/yard, and I'm HOPING next year to build a composting site :)
As far as products, I'm really diggin' the extra relish built lunchbag. That thing is awesome. And a shoulder strap! Swoon!

stephchows said...

Hapy blogaversary!!! Man I thought I had you in my rss feed but I must not... I need to fix that! I've missed so many good recipes!!

I live green by trying to recycle as much as I can, we have a mulch pile, I try to drive in a way to get better MPG, and I combine trips, park in the middle and walk to each place LOL yup I'm a dork!

I'd love to win the lunch bag!
you can email me at stephchows at :)

nicholsab said...

I've been using the envirosax bags and LOVE them! I haven't used a plastic bag in a long time. I would choose a lunch bag- they're so cute!

nicholsab at

~Amber~ said...

Wow, has it really been two years already? Congratulations

One way that I lead a green life is by using canvas tote bags at the grocery instead of wasting all those plastic bags.

I think the Eco Lunch items are awesome and I would love to take my lunch to work in one of those. I would definitely choose the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag Micro Dot. My e-mail is

Katrina said...

I really enjoy your blog.

One way I try to be green is by recycling. I'm even known for taking boxes and things out of neighbors trash cans that irks me they throw away and recycle them myself.

I would like the Eco bottles.

The Veggie Queen said...

Congrats on your blogiversary.

I am so green that sometimes people must think that I am a Martian.

What I do that's so green, and hope to encourage others to do, is use the pressure cooker to make daily food, as they do in India and other countries which have limited fuel (as in energy). You cut cooking time by 50 to 70% by using the pressure cooker for dishes such as soups, stews, chili, whole grains, vegetables, curries, steel cut oats and much more. such as chicken and meat but I am too green to eat those things. (Basically anything with liquid.)

I'd like the lunch bag if I win.

WizzyTheStick said...

Leaving a comment anyway even if I don't qualify for the giveaway, I love the message to be green.

One way that you lead a "green" life = I don't use paper towels or those throw away swiffer mop cloth things! ooops that's two:-)

krissy knox said...

We (my husband and I) are green by using canvas tote grocery bags. We use them to carry our refrigerated and frozen foods often.
My favorite product is the Gourmet Getaway Insulated Lunch Bag Multidot. my email address is
Congrats on your blog anniversary.

krissy knox :)
my main blog:
follow me on twitter:

stephchows said...

Too fun! I still love the lunchbox and I could put some leftovers of this great dish in it!

SO tasty :)

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Happy Blogaversary!
Keeping green in many ways but my fave is the great market basket I use on my now FEWER trips in my car.

I would love to have the Insulated lunch bag.
Thank you.

Tara said...

Happy Blogiversary!

In our attempt to help the Earth, we've started to make our own cleaning products. We've done quite a bit of other green things, but cleaning products was one thing I'd never do! They're great!

I would love the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag in Black.

Jen said...

I started using the reusable bags every time I grocery shop. And if I must get plastic bags, I use those a second time for dog clean up. I've asked my coworkers to bring me their plastic bags as well, so I can recycle them.

I would like the Insulating Lunch bag. Both my husband and I try and bring our lunches every day. Thanks so much for the awesome blogs. I love reading them.

Colleen said...

we do several things to go green- I use vinegar and water to clean most everything, we re-use any bags that come into the house, which is not many since I use re-usable shpping bags. We also use cloth napkins instead of paper ones and rags instead of paper towels (for most things). I would love a lunch tote! that is so cute!

jesstyler said...

I try to limit the amount of paper plates we use. It's kind of fun to have funky plates to eat off of!

jesstyler said...

I made the chickpea salad today from your blog - so good! Here's the link:

Also, I forgot to pick something - ha! I like the French Bull Vine lunch bag or the High Tide bottle. Too cool :)

Kerstin said...

Happy Blogiversary!

We recycle everything and always bring our own bags with us to the grocery store. We also walk everywhere we can.

I'd like a Sigg bottle, I've actually been wanting one for awhile now!

Lynn said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! I grew up in Brockton MA!!

We have reusable bags for shopping. I recycle all things plastic, paper and aluminum! I would love the Built Extra Relish Insulated Lunch Bag Micro Dot. Its very swanky!

Laura said...

Great blog! We are green by drying all our laundry the old fashioned way--outside and on laundry racks...our clothing lasts longer, our electricity bill is lower, and we are doing one small thing to treat the earth better! I love the lunch bag, what a great way to be earth friendly!

Tanya said...

I have always loved your blog!

The biggest way I live green is cloth diapering. It has become an addiction and I love converting others to cloth. If I won I'd choose the Lunch in French Bull Vine. It's beautiful. I often tote lunch for me and my kiddos to playdates. My email is

JessCo said...

I've started only using reusable bottles/travel mugs for water and coffee and I am always sure to use reusable containers for lunch. I also try to eat local organic as much as possible. It's been a great and rewarding challenge to "go green"!

I would love a Green Bottle in the Breeze

Congrats on one year!

Dana said...

We have a hybrid and compost up a storm. We even talked my mom into collecting her compost for us.

I'd love the Sharky Glow bottle for my son.


Dana said...

oops, email is danaonweb at gmail dot com

Jacqueline said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Green Green Green! I've been carrying my own shopping bags for over 10 years, consolidate my errands, recycle everything possible. Freecycle Group in this area is fabulous. For the past year I've been running the kitchen faucet and the shower into a large watering can to save water while waiting for hot water. I use the water in my garden. I also save the water from rinsing vegetables for the garden. Carpool when possible or take public transit.
I would love an eco water bottle!

Julie said...

In our household we recycle everything that we can, we've converted almost all of our light bulbs, and we re-use bags, boxes etc. We also try to save electricity by unplugging things we aren't using etc.

Congrats on your blogiversary! :)

m.e. said...

Happy Blogiversary! Your blog is just fabulous. I found you through the comment you posted in a Problogger article about giveaways (very fitting indeed). Here is my submission.

- One way that I lead a "green" life is by getting rid of all plastic bags and only using the reusable green bags at the grocery store.

- I would like to win the Eco Lunch item, please.

- You can get a hold of me via email:

I am also having a giveaway at my blog if you and your readers are interested:

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway!

slush said...

Happy Blogversary Jen! Still love your blog, Im drooling over the jam as I type.

If I were to win, Id say a water bottle. Cant have enough of them considering the boys have soccer 3 nights a week this fall.

Much love! xo

(And apologies if I commented more than once, it keeps resetting on me.)

carrie1 said...

W eare greener, by using the cloth bags for grocery shopping, we recycle, and I have sseveral re-useable bottles/cup for my favorite coffe stop StArBuCkS... (plus it saves me 10 cents when I use them. =))

You can reach me at:

Sarah said...

We are green by recycling, composting, gardening, using Chico reuseable grocery bags, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, cloth sanitary napkins, cloth towels (in place of paper towels) cloth napkins, klean kanteens & energy efficient bulbs. We also use simple green for all our household cleaning & Charlie's natural laundry soap. We really try to think of any little thing we can. :) I love BuiltNY stuff! I would like the Built Extra Relish in black.

I can be reached at skgoode at verizon dot net

Lavender Lily said...

Found your blog through will definitely be back!

I use reusable grocery bags, recycle and use a real coffee mug at work instead of the styrofoam cups. Little acts, but I do believe even little things make a difference!

I would love one of the lunch totes...they are so cute.

I wish I had time to make one of your recipes before midnight, but I am out the door to meet some friends!


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