Superbowl Snack Throwdown – Playoffs Week 2

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the NFL Playoffs this weekend. I was very happy with the outcome of yesterday’s games and don’t really care too much about today’s games. But it’s always fun to watch either way.

Since it’s Sunday, it’s time to review Highlowaha’s Super Bowl Snack Throwdown recipes from Kate and Lauren. This week’s secret ingredient is BBQ sauce! As a reminder, recipes are to be judged on the following criterion: Creative use of the ingredient, most likely to be eaten first, best photograph, and reproducibility. So now, on to the recipes (be sure to click through to check out the entire recipes).

Kate made Bowl Game BBQ Nachos.

Lauren made Mesquite Chicken Pizza Sticks.

Wow ladies. Nachos and Pizza! I love BBQ chicken on nachos and pizza! I’m going to start with creativity. This category has to be a tie. The two recipes are very similar in flavor combos and creativity level.

As far as ease of reproducibility, both of these recipes offer options to make the recipe more or less difficult. Putting together i l homemade pizza and nachos is something that anyone can do. For that reason, I again have to call this category a tie.

So after two categories, we go into halftime at tie.

Next is most likely to disappear quickly at a football get together. Everyone loves pizza, but I think everyone loves nachos too. I personally would put both on my plate at a football gathering and probably grab seconds of both. I’m going to say that ending the third quarter, we’re still at a tie.

It’s down to the wire and we have a tie on our hands. For a last second chance to put the game away, we have to think about photography. Unfortunately for Kate, nachos are one of those foods that just aren’t very photogenic. Lauren wins this category with her pizza stick photos.

Congratulations Lauren! I can’t wait to see what you and Kate come up with next week!!

Good luck to Lauren and Kate in the playoffs!

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