Superbowl Snack Throwdown – Week 5

This weekend, I’m visiting my family in the midwest. So while my sister, B, and I were watching the low-speed chase in Texas on TV, we decided to review the recipes for Highlowaha’s Super Bowl Snack Throwdown. And that means it’s time to check out the recipes from Kate and Lauren. This week’s secret ingredient is sour cream! As a reminder, recipes are to be judged on the following criterion: Creative use of the ingredient, most likely to be eaten first, best photograph, and reproducibility. So now, on to the recipes (be sure to click through to check out the entire recipes).

Kate made Puntin Pumpkin Pies.

Lauren made Mom’s Cheesecake Cups.

B and I sat down and discussed the two recipes. We both agreed that both recipes we equal in regards to creative use of ingredient. Neither one was really crazy out of the box thinking.

When it comes to reproducibility, I let B choose the winner of that category since she’s a novice cook/baker. She thought Lauren’s cheesecake cups would be easier for someone like her to make for a football get together.

When it comes to the photograph, I’d like to say that Kate’s photos are definitely improving! While I think Lauren’s photo is maybe composed better, B and I agreed that Kate’s first photo made us want to eat those little pumpkin footballs. And really, that’s the point of food photography, right? To make the person seeing the photo want to eat whatever is in the photo. Thus, Kate gets the best photo of the week.

Last but not least is the category of most likely to go quickly at a football gathering. We both thought the overall cuteness of the pumpkin footballs would make them go very quickly.

Congratulations Kate! I can’t wait to see what you and Lauren come up with next week!!

I’ve placed my vote, now it’s time for you to cast yours! Be sure to go to Highlowaha to vote for your favorite of these two recipes.

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