Donate your Free Taco!!

This isn’t a traditional post. Although, it is about food.

For anyone who didn’t watch the World Series (GO SOX!) or hear about this, Taco Bell was offering one free taco to everyone in America if a player steals a base during the World Series. Well the amazing rookie, Jacoby Ellsbury did just that the other night.

Now, everyone gets a free taco, tomorrow, Tuesday 10/30 from 2-5 PM (details HERE).

BUT, if you’re like me and work at a day job, don’t know where the nearest Taco Bell is, and/or have never eaten taco bell prior to 2AM, you will likely not be able to take advantage of Taco Bell’s offer.

There are some guys who are trying to get Taco Bell to donate the equivalent cost of the free tacos from people who are not claiming their tacos to California wildfire victims. Please put in your hometown and email address to support this cause and spread the word. Check it out:


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