Thursday, March 17, 2011

30-by-30 Nine month Update

Holy crap. I'm only 3 months away from my 30th birthday. Oh, and Happy St Patrick's Day!! Hope everyone is enjoying some green beer tonight. Ok, so I've got three months left and I feel like I've gotten nothing done this past month with various things going on and my new job. Let's see how I'm doing with my list.


  • Get to my goal weight
  • Work out on a regular basis - I've been hitting up the new gym quite a few times this year already!
  • Complete the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer - done!

  • Visit at least 3 new cities (1: San Francisco, CA, 2: Hershey, PA, 3: hasn't happened yet, but we have a trip planned)
  • Pack a picnic dinner and see a movie on the Esplanade - done!
  • Go to the beach! (can you believe Hubby and I haven't had a beach day since we moved to Boston 3 years ago) - done!
  • Go to the Cranberry Festival in October - done!
  • Take a spontanious trip with girlfriends

  • Talk to younger siblings (A and L) on a regular basis - I have been making an effort here. Luckily talking to teenagers is easy if you're willing to text/FB chat
  • Plan/host a girls night (in or out)
  • Go visit my little brother's college dorm room - as I mentioned last month, this one can't happen, so I'm marking it off. Instead I'm adding the next item
  • Eat lunch with my coworkers at least once a week - I've been doing a good job of taking time out of my busy days to eat lunch and socialize with my coworkers.
  • Meet my friend's babies in the Midwest - done! 
  • Babysit/Spoil my new nephew as much as I can - done!
  • Send birthday cards to my siblings, parents, and nephew - started - October kicked off the winter birthday season for us. I got cards out to my youngest sister, L, my dad, my other sister B, and my mom. That's it for birthdays for me until May.
  • Plan a date-day with Hubby - Hubby and I had a great little Boston staycation a couple weeks ago.

  • Take a cooking class - done!
  • Read the photography books my dad got me - started 
  • Finish all the nearly-complete kitchen projects - started 
  • Fully de-clutter our place - started 
  • Volunteer for something at least four times (1: volunteered to take care of the ongoing can-recycling project at work, 2: volunteered to sell pies for Pie in the Sky, 3: it hasn't happened yet, but I've signed up to volunteer at an event on April 2, 4: TBD)
  • Plan a Boston area food blogger event - started

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